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Friday, August 21, 2009

Just another old post and sorry it's been so long since I posted!!! I am going to try to post more often from now on :)

Well I just got my new schedule for this year a couple days ago so I figured I should tell you guys what it is.
Period 1
Mixed Choir, Mr. Wolfgram

Period 2
1st semester
Study Hall, Bonnie Overman
(glad just for study hall, my brother hated her as a math teacher)
2nd semester
Phy Ed C, Paula Olson

Period 3
1st semester
Health, Tom Noltner
2nd semester
Study Hall I think
It's super weird it doesn't evenlist 3rd semester during 2nd semester, whatever

Period 4
Spanish II, Lisa Abrahamson

Period 5
1st 1/2
Lunch, Mr. Kryshak
2nd 1/2
Geometry, Melanie O'Keefe

Period 6
Concert Band, Mrs. Sporakowski

Period 7
Biology, Tiffany Gorges

Period 8
1st semester
English 9-Communications, Lyn Luce
2nd semester
English 9-Fundamentals, Mrs. Cummings
(Wow, that must be sort of awkward for Eric)

Period 10
(I don't quite get why they just skip 9 I mean it sort of beats the purpose of counting I mean what if a little kid looked at that who was just trying to count they'd just forget about the number 9 well anyway it still seems pretty weird)
Homeroom, Shannon Anderson