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Friday, August 28, 2009

the chicken post ")

Ok well sorry I haven't been on for a while, & sorry about that little flipout I had ha ha...... Anyway, I showed chickens at the fair. They all got 3rd except one got 4th. It was so hilarious, when I was getting my Blue Andalusian into the cage it went out of my grip so it was running around everywhere & it got by the tractors & was running everywhere so eventually Aaron caught it by the tail, which was so funny it was just running & flopping everywhere but it was sort of sad because because of that it lost a few tail feather & i think if it had those it could've done a bit better :( but I think my chickens are still the prettiest chickens on earth ") haha I didn't mean to do that but it's actually a pretty cute smiley face. Anyway there's going to be another fair in Portage about a month from now so my pullets & cockerels will be a whole month older & that makes a huge difference in their first year & we actually have really nice chickens they're just not as old as the other peoples because they hatch theirs in February. And we hatched ours in April about so they were way more mature than ours it's better than last year though, lol. Our chickens were only 8 weeks old so they were really little. We had one Buff Orpington & even though she was that small she got a second place among 4 chickens & that was really awesome! but I accidentally grabbed the wrong one this year because it had some black spots on it's tail feathers & the other one had lighter feathers but it didn't have any black feathers so I think that one could have done better but I guess I'll be able to see at the fair in Portage. Yeah it'll be really awesome because we have this one Sumatra hen because when you order chickens from Murray Mc Murray you have to order at least 25 but with each order you get two chickens you get a random one & a rare breed, we think the white rooster we got is an Aricona & so anyway when we go to the other chicken show in Portage they also have a thing where you can like swap chickens so I really want to get a Sumatra rooster because they are so pretty. but if they don't we're planning on getting more chickens because there's different classes of chickens that you can show them in so if we ge a pair of chickens for each different category & I really want to get a Buff Orpington rooster because our hens are so pretty I think we could get some really nice looking birds. But we had some Barred Rocks before which I just love. I think Barred Rocks & Buff Orpingtons are my favorite, it's probably because they're just the ones I started out with sort of like I think Australian Shepherds & Golden Retrievers are going to be my favorite dogs for life because it's the type of dog i'm used to so now i really like wild & energetic dogs. So anyway we got Barred Rocks from one of my dad's friends, that's where we got our buffs too, we hatched them & picked 5 of each breed to keep & he got to keep the rest since they were technically his chickens which is fine. lol but yeah it happened that every single barred rock we picked happened to be a rooster which was just GREAT!!! So there really wasn't that much of a reason for keeping them so yeah i want to get roosters & chickens. So if you have no idea what I am talking about when I am talking about these chickens (A.K.A. cough cough all of you guys cough cough) here's pictures

that is a blue andalusian :)

that's a sumatra :D

that's a buff orpington :p

and last of all that was a barred rock, and my new smiley face!!! ") hehe I like it. Anyway I doubt any of you guys even care about any of this lol but that's just because............well......................hmmm................. I like chickens. & you guys are just anti-chicken likers so you don't like chickens. If that states the obvious & if you were too bored to even read this well then you wouldn't have even read this part so you're anti-chicken & don't even know it, so yeah see yeah later all you anti-chicken likers out there!!!!