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Friday, November 27, 2009

Strings are not Squeaky!!!!!!!!!

So a couple weeks ago I heard a remark from someone that they don't particularly like to listen to songs by string instruments because they are too "squeaky". So I just wanted to give 10 reasons why this remark is NOT!!!!!!! true.
1. This person said they would rather listen to the song on a piano but as a fact pianos are technically string instruments too. & they aren't "quote" squeaky.
2. Strings can sound squeaky but that's generally just when they are played by little Chinese violinists who are just starting to play the violin. "quote from cello teacher honestly!" It was hilarious! but true.
3.Listen to this.
4. & this.
5. & this.
6. Even Violins aren't squeaky
7. People who start out on instruments tend to sound squeakier because they don't know what they are doing yet so they need practice and they do practice
8. Practice makes perfect & perfect does not include squeakiness
9. Somethings are meant to be squeaky because when you make it sound Squeaky because then it sounds like a mouse.
Okay it's Marisa example of that is at band camp when we had to play a really loud squeaky note to be Odysseus's scream. Sometimes the story told by the music requires something shrill and high-pitched. :D
10. Strings are better than any other instrument on the planet whether they're squeaky or not so anyone who things strings are squeaky & stupid shoud just DEAL WITH IT!!!!!

thank you very much