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Friday, August 28, 2009

the chicken post ")

Ok well sorry I haven't been on for a while, & sorry about that little flipout I had ha ha...... Anyway, I showed chickens at the fair. They all got 3rd except one got 4th. It was so hilarious, when I was getting my Blue Andalusian into the cage it went out of my grip so it was running around everywhere & it got by the tractors & was running everywhere so eventually Aaron caught it by the tail, which was so funny it was just running & flopping everywhere but it was sort of sad because because of that it lost a few tail feather & i think if it had those it could've done a bit better :( but I think my chickens are still the prettiest chickens on earth ") haha I didn't mean to do that but it's actually a pretty cute smiley face. Anyway there's going to be another fair in Portage about a month from now so my pullets & cockerels will be a whole month older & that makes a huge difference in their first year & we actually have really nice chickens they're just not as old as the other peoples because they hatch theirs in February. And we hatched ours in April about so they were way more mature than ours it's better than last year though, lol. Our chickens were only 8 weeks old so they were really little. We had one Buff Orpington & even though she was that small she got a second place among 4 chickens & that was really awesome! but I accidentally grabbed the wrong one this year because it had some black spots on it's tail feathers & the other one had lighter feathers but it didn't have any black feathers so I think that one could have done better but I guess I'll be able to see at the fair in Portage. Yeah it'll be really awesome because we have this one Sumatra hen because when you order chickens from Murray Mc Murray you have to order at least 25 but with each order you get two chickens you get a random one & a rare breed, we think the white rooster we got is an Aricona & so anyway when we go to the other chicken show in Portage they also have a thing where you can like swap chickens so I really want to get a Sumatra rooster because they are so pretty. but if they don't we're planning on getting more chickens because there's different classes of chickens that you can show them in so if we ge a pair of chickens for each different category & I really want to get a Buff Orpington rooster because our hens are so pretty I think we could get some really nice looking birds. But we had some Barred Rocks before which I just love. I think Barred Rocks & Buff Orpingtons are my favorite, it's probably because they're just the ones I started out with sort of like I think Australian Shepherds & Golden Retrievers are going to be my favorite dogs for life because it's the type of dog i'm used to so now i really like wild & energetic dogs. So anyway we got Barred Rocks from one of my dad's friends, that's where we got our buffs too, we hatched them & picked 5 of each breed to keep & he got to keep the rest since they were technically his chickens which is fine. lol but yeah it happened that every single barred rock we picked happened to be a rooster which was just GREAT!!! So there really wasn't that much of a reason for keeping them so yeah i want to get roosters & chickens. So if you have no idea what I am talking about when I am talking about these chickens (A.K.A. cough cough all of you guys cough cough) here's pictures

that is a blue andalusian :)

that's a sumatra :D

that's a buff orpington :p

and last of all that was a barred rock, and my new smiley face!!! ") hehe I like it. Anyway I doubt any of you guys even care about any of this lol but that's just because............well......................hmmm................. I like chickens. & you guys are just anti-chicken likers so you don't like chickens. If that states the obvious & if you were too bored to even read this well then you wouldn't have even read this part so you're anti-chicken & don't even know it, so yeah see yeah later all you anti-chicken likers out there!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ummm I HATE COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this morning was church & I went to my mom's church because my dad's quartet was singing 4 songs there and yeah. After the service we went out to eat at Pullman's and it was delicious. John Hammond was tlaking about how one time he practically drowned because he was sitting in a tube and put his head back in the water and it was shallow and his head was hitting the rocks & it sounded so hilarious! So we went home & I took a lot of pictures. I want to get one good one to make an enlargement for the fair. And I did nothing for a really long time then I went on facebook at 9 and hey guess what! even more of collin's 3 word messages! After yeah we are I asked if his brother was there yet & what's he like and he said not here yet so i said what's with the holdup? idk so from 3 words, to 3 words, to 3 letters. wow that's being creative. lol. I'm finally getting my pictures up from Japan. YAY!!! :) So the guy for the chickens is coming tomorrow and I'll be missing golf. I really should tell Laura that. I'll call her after I'm done with this & leave her a message, even though she's probably asleep right now, i'll leave a message if that doesn't work. Yeah it's strange. Right now I've been writing in my blog more often than Marisa has! Well it's only been 2 days but it certainly feels like it. But I realize that I have an unhealthy habit with the computer so I decided I'm only going on it once a day. & it's worked so far! Even though today was my first day & i've been on for two hours but that was mainly cause I took some breaks and the photo thing was being really stupid. And it's still loading. I wanted to be off like an hour ago honestly but that didn't quite work cause I accidentally pressed a button & I had to reselect all my 200 photos all over again. Sheesh, talk about a hassle. Well I'm waiting now, well there's a photo at the banquet, Mchailey's family did this little thingymabobber for a pose that looked really funny & yeah it was pretty funny, there's Chihiro with a balloon beside her head, we blew up this huge balloon & were calling her bighead, as a joke obviously but it was pretty funny, There's the atomic bomb dome shelter, America bombed hiroshima with the first atomic bomb hit ever. It was pretty sad looking at the museum and realizing that it was all our faults. but they just wanted to make sure to know that they didn't hate us but they just wanted peace so that was a nice thought, there's a statue at a temple we went to, a lion with it's mouth open, on the other side of it is a lion with it's mouth closed, it was at the entrance to the temple.There's Harold, Hailey got this little keychain thing out of something you put money in & we named it Harold, & she loved Harold, there was at the green tea field, I hate green tea, it is absolutely and completely disgusting but in the tea field they grew out the word tea in Japanese which was pretty cool. There's Stacia at the Mayor's desk. We were allowed to sit there when we were talking to Yukari and some other people about our trip there. There's some Kilns where they heated up the stuff where they used to make olden styled roofs out of. They're at least 500-700 years old. There's the biggest sand coin eve in Japan, one time the government owed a lot of money to a king so they made this huge coin out of sand to pay back all the debts to the king, they redo it every day so it still looks just as good. That was a duck
I saw up by the temple that we walked 785 steps for & UPLOAD FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! YOU HAVE GOTTEN TO BE F*** KIDDING ME!!!!!! I WAITED AND EXTRA HOUR JUST TO HAVE AN UPLOAD FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 I WANT TO KILL THIS COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hate when I feel stupid

Well I have this friend (and I know where this one's going this time) who like Collin, so they went out and then they broke up because Collin said they were too young and he wanted to wait or something. So she's really sad because she still loves him and blahblahblah I know exactly how she feels though well not exactly but for some of the stuff I do since well obviously I used to like him, well anyway she told me to ask him if they were still friends and not tell him she told me to ask him & i was like yeah sure whatever. So I decided to put it in a casual way so it wouldn't be too obvious and weird so I wrote this

hey collin
so what have you been up to lately? It's been a while since we talked. O yeah and you really should have gone to camp with us, it wasn't anywhere near as fun as last year cause the girls in our cabin stunk. Reggie Dabbs was an amazing speaker though. So, you and Steph went out for a while right? she sort of told me about that, are you guys still friends? Cause that would stink if you weren't, well anyway, write back soon.

So then this was his reply

Ya we r

So that is why I feel very stupid right now cause i sent about 3x3 sentences and he sent 3 words. & probably thinks I'm really stupid, & I feel pretty stupid too so yes I hate feeling stupid.

This title is a title and I don't feel like being creative about a title right now

Well, I have a friend and I don't remember where that was going. Wow now I feel really stupid well anyway, I'll just make it go somewhere else. I have a friend who likes twilight, and revolves around twilight. Can you guess who this friend is??? I also have a friends, who gets high off hot chocolate, can you guess who this friend is??? I also have a friend who can't pronounce Mosinee right. Can you guess who this friend is??? I also have a friend who I telephoneically talk with. Can you guess who this friend is??? Well my first friend is Marisa. She is queen of insanity & is upsessed with Twilight! You literally ask her anything about it & she know's everything. From page numbers to what quotes the say to having a whole wall devoted to Twilight. The second one is Jess. A long time ago, Marisa has a blog about this, I had Jess, Laura, Lauren, and Marisa over for a sledding party the 2nd friday of February. We decided to make it a tradition that I'd always have those 4 over the 2nd saturday of February, We drove my bus to my house and walked up my 1/3 of a mile driveway. So we were doing a lot of really stupid stuff. We made the lair (a.k.a under my pool table) where only the psychics can hang out. Jess wrote some stuff underneath it which is pretty cool because if it ever goes antique, that will put more value to it. lol and anyways, at midnight me, Laura, and Marisa went sledding only in our shorts and a tank top and Laura and Marisa wore awesome long toe socks which I didn't get any of and yeah we went sledding. We're thinking next year we should do it in our bikinis, well anyway, Jess made a cup of hot cocoa and one packet was enough for 4 batches & she put the whole thing in one cup. She was absolutely infatuated with it and would not stop drinking it, she would fall everywhere and couldn't even walk in a straight line, she couldn't even stand up without falling down first! We all tried some of it & it was so nasty, terribly bitter & disgusting. We were at a track meet later & I asked her if I could have some of her water & she said no because she doesn't want backwash in it. * eyeroll*. I told her I don't (because I don't) So then she mentioned that at my party the only reason that she stopped drinking hot chocolate is cause when I drank it I spat it right out. The only reason I did that is because it was so nasty that I couldn't even swallow and everyone at the track meet was like eww. I was mad at her for a while but it only lasted like 10 minutes since I can't stay mad at someone. Well unless I hate them but you know what I mean. The 3rd one is Emma, I wasn't really here when this happened but I heard enough about it. Apparently they were driving somewhere with there church and they passed by Mosinee and Emma was reading the sign and pronouncing it like MOZEENEE MOZUNEE lol. The fourth one is Laura. We were talking on the phone one time and since we're neighbors. We were switching our lights on and off to the Eye of the Tiger and it was super cool. So she was talking about how her and Marisa were working on talking telepathically and I said oh we used to do that, and one time we had a really good streak and she was like yeah well we do that a lot now and I was like well why don't you tell her that we telephoneically and then we started cracking up like crazy we were laughing so hard.
Well not much happened today, I'm going to be ushering at a show today and missing Robin's campfire which stinks but oh well, it's not like there's anything I can do about it. But yeah there'll be a lot of music there and I'll probably be getting tickets and such. I just got mail from Chihiro. She's my awesomest friend from Japan and well she mailed me my flip-flops & abunch of pads i forgot their lmao. which really she didn't have to because the box probably cost more than those things. But they also got me a bunch of school stuff. A pencil holder, Mechanical pencil with a Japanese figure at the end with is so cut, 2 normal pencils that are still slightly Japanese & a calligraphy pen, also a stick eraser, a journal thing, which I'll probably write in, there was this folder thing that is so cool it's like see through on both side and 2 sides are closed two are open & it has the same cute thing as on the pencil, then they put in a little photo book with some of the pictures towards the end of the trip and they left a note in there that said

Dear Sarah,
We are your family
Anywhere Anytime
Love Chihiro, Asuka, Yutaka

Chihiro is the same age as me and I'm going to host her next year which I am so excited for. Asuka is her little sister who is 13 years old so they're pretty close in age. Yutaka is 10 years old and he was so cute. It's so amazing in Japan. It's just so amazing. I don't really want to write down the whole thing well at least not right now. Maybe later on a day where I don't have as much to write already, or you can just ask me about it in person. Then there parents were really nice too. I hate how they adore America over there & only certain kids are able to host over there & over here there's a ton of kids that are like "O my gosh I don't want to host a Japanes person" and they say it in a way like they have some sort of disease or something!!!! It pisses me off so bad!!! They're just like us. Chihiro showed me a picture of her and her Kendoa (Japanese fencing) class and her and Asuka were asking me which one I thought was the cutest and it was really funny. They were also talking about which stars they like & stuff. So anyway. I watched Watchmen yesterday, I watched most of it but I fell asleep during the ending because I haven't gotten any sleep during the last two days so I sort of wanted to watch it again because it was really good. I remember Laura talking about it and liking it & mentioning the naked people and I saw the naked people my mom made me cover my eyes but I sorta just looked away because idk it's not like it was that bad. Well I'll write more later bye!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Just another old post and sorry it's been so long since I posted!!! I am going to try to post more often from now on :)

Well I just got my new schedule for this year a couple days ago so I figured I should tell you guys what it is.
Period 1
Mixed Choir, Mr. Wolfgram

Period 2
1st semester
Study Hall, Bonnie Overman
(glad just for study hall, my brother hated her as a math teacher)
2nd semester
Phy Ed C, Paula Olson

Period 3
1st semester
Health, Tom Noltner
2nd semester
Study Hall I think
It's super weird it doesn't evenlist 3rd semester during 2nd semester, whatever

Period 4
Spanish II, Lisa Abrahamson

Period 5
1st 1/2
Lunch, Mr. Kryshak
2nd 1/2
Geometry, Melanie O'Keefe

Period 6
Concert Band, Mrs. Sporakowski

Period 7
Biology, Tiffany Gorges

Period 8
1st semester
English 9-Communications, Lyn Luce
2nd semester
English 9-Fundamentals, Mrs. Cummings
(Wow, that must be sort of awkward for Eric)

Period 10
(I don't quite get why they just skip 9 I mean it sort of beats the purpose of counting I mean what if a little kid looked at that who was just trying to count they'd just forget about the number 9 well anyway it still seems pretty weird)
Homeroom, Shannon Anderson