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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boredom sucks & is it weird to be easily amused? and im a psychic!

Hi i'm easily amused well thats not my actual name but u can call me that 4 now i guess or call me ea. so if i call myself by my name again ill call me ea. So i have a question. Is it weird 2 b easily amused? here i made a poem 4 this subject of matter
2 b amused
or not 2 b amused
that is the question
if u were stuck in a dark alley with nothing but a rubber band
would u just sit around and think
"Oh 4 i m bored"
or play with the rubber band and sling it around and b amused
whether it was easily done or not
so is that weird
or just life
that is the question
so wat do u think? Good isn't it? I keep on entering after each sentence & it is really annoying. UGH! i just did it again. ha that reminds me of the song. oops i did it again i played with ur heart got lost in the game o baby baby oops i think im in loooove it came from abooooove im not that innocent. Man i HATE that song here's a devotion 2 that song HATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE! ok there u go. Ok & this blog is 4 marisa & laura becuz the hole thing is written like a text & i usually dont do that on my blogs. Well neway that hate was also devoted 2 Brett, all the preps in r school & everything else i hate. :) neway I like crackers and green grapes. O i remeber at my camp last summer we had 2 pretend 2 make businesses & make a logo & r business was the green grape hut & r logo was a grape. hahaha creative huh? Well ya last weekend i had sum friends sleepover as u no if u r a follower of my blog & since the day b4 on friday every1 got carnations my mom put them all in vases & every1 4got there's except 4 anndi who evry1 was saying probably 4got hers. It was sorta funny. Ya the tops popped off my carnations so i just had 2 tops of flowers so they're sitting in a bowl of water & look really pretty cuz they open up all the way b4 they fall apart & ya it looks really pretty. neway i have this chapstick that like ery1 has & i didnt even no it like whenever i use it sum1's like o i have that chapstick isnt it like really good & im like ya! neway i like saying random stuff cuz then i sumtimes come up wit really random stuff like hey im a psychic! # 13 2 b exact. c twr stands 4 that was randome i just made it up. well im sort of out of things 2 say. Im speechless!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day. Duh. And this is my first blog! :) :) :) Rn't u happy 4 me? I just had my friends sleepover yesterday. Cassidy, Laura, Nichole, and Anndi! Anndi already left way 2 early we just watched the uninvited yesterday. It was good but very scary. I jumped at absolutely everything like i do with movies that aren't even horror. Laura was so mean 2 me. I was freaking out andshe jumped and said boo. :( meany-butt. hahaha We didnt stay up as late as last weekend. People weren't as hyp-er. That's ok though it was still tons of fun. Ya yesterday we were sitting on my pool table and i kept on thinking her toe socks were a pool ball so i kept on grabbing them & it was really annoying. I love the Lord of the rings we just finished watching the 2nd cd of the fellowship of the ring. Laura decided that everytime she comes here we're gonna watch 1 part of the hole series and eventually we'll watch em all. I've already seen em all like 8 times but we're both upsessed with it and no all the lines so it's ok. I hate how every1 thinks legalos is so much cuter then Aragorn just because he's played by Orlando Bloom because Aragorn is so much cuter and orlando bloom isnt even cute in the 1st place. I have facebook. I love facebook. It's so much fun. I can like type 2 all my friends and stuff. Ya u guys should get facebook. If u n me u shold add me 2! But if u dont no me dont add me cause that's just weird. Well ill write later. buh bye!