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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day. Duh. And this is my first blog! :) :) :) Rn't u happy 4 me? I just had my friends sleepover yesterday. Cassidy, Laura, Nichole, and Anndi! Anndi already left way 2 early we just watched the uninvited yesterday. It was good but very scary. I jumped at absolutely everything like i do with movies that aren't even horror. Laura was so mean 2 me. I was freaking out andshe jumped and said boo. :( meany-butt. hahaha We didnt stay up as late as last weekend. People weren't as hyp-er. That's ok though it was still tons of fun. Ya yesterday we were sitting on my pool table and i kept on thinking her toe socks were a pool ball so i kept on grabbing them & it was really annoying. I love the Lord of the rings we just finished watching the 2nd cd of the fellowship of the ring. Laura decided that everytime she comes here we're gonna watch 1 part of the hole series and eventually we'll watch em all. I've already seen em all like 8 times but we're both upsessed with it and no all the lines so it's ok. I hate how every1 thinks legalos is so much cuter then Aragorn just because he's played by Orlando Bloom because Aragorn is so much cuter and orlando bloom isnt even cute in the 1st place. I have facebook. I love facebook. It's so much fun. I can like type 2 all my friends and stuff. Ya u guys should get facebook. If u n me u shold add me 2! But if u dont no me dont add me cause that's just weird. Well ill write later. buh bye!