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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I hate when I feel stupid

Well I have this friend (and I know where this one's going this time) who like Collin, so they went out and then they broke up because Collin said they were too young and he wanted to wait or something. So she's really sad because she still loves him and blahblahblah I know exactly how she feels though well not exactly but for some of the stuff I do since well obviously I used to like him, well anyway she told me to ask him if they were still friends and not tell him she told me to ask him & i was like yeah sure whatever. So I decided to put it in a casual way so it wouldn't be too obvious and weird so I wrote this

hey collin
so what have you been up to lately? It's been a while since we talked. O yeah and you really should have gone to camp with us, it wasn't anywhere near as fun as last year cause the girls in our cabin stunk. Reggie Dabbs was an amazing speaker though. So, you and Steph went out for a while right? she sort of told me about that, are you guys still friends? Cause that would stink if you weren't, well anyway, write back soon.

So then this was his reply

Ya we r

So that is why I feel very stupid right now cause i sent about 3x3 sentences and he sent 3 words. & probably thinks I'm really stupid, & I feel pretty stupid too so yes I hate feeling stupid.