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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boredom sucks & is it weird to be easily amused? and im a psychic!

Hi i'm easily amused well thats not my actual name but u can call me that 4 now i guess or call me ea. so if i call myself by my name again ill call me ea. So i have a question. Is it weird 2 b easily amused? here i made a poem 4 this subject of matter
2 b amused
or not 2 b amused
that is the question
if u were stuck in a dark alley with nothing but a rubber band
would u just sit around and think
"Oh 4 i m bored"
or play with the rubber band and sling it around and b amused
whether it was easily done or not
so is that weird
or just life
that is the question
so wat do u think? Good isn't it? I keep on entering after each sentence & it is really annoying. UGH! i just did it again. ha that reminds me of the song. oops i did it again i played with ur heart got lost in the game o baby baby oops i think im in loooove it came from abooooove im not that innocent. Man i HATE that song here's a devotion 2 that song HATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE! ok there u go. Ok & this blog is 4 marisa & laura becuz the hole thing is written like a text & i usually dont do that on my blogs. Well neway that hate was also devoted 2 Brett, all the preps in r school & everything else i hate. :) neway I like crackers and green grapes. O i remeber at my camp last summer we had 2 pretend 2 make businesses & make a logo & r business was the green grape hut & r logo was a grape. hahaha creative huh? Well ya last weekend i had sum friends sleepover as u no if u r a follower of my blog & since the day b4 on friday every1 got carnations my mom put them all in vases & every1 4got there's except 4 anndi who evry1 was saying probably 4got hers. It was sorta funny. Ya the tops popped off my carnations so i just had 2 tops of flowers so they're sitting in a bowl of water & look really pretty cuz they open up all the way b4 they fall apart & ya it looks really pretty. neway i have this chapstick that like ery1 has & i didnt even no it like whenever i use it sum1's like o i have that chapstick isnt it like really good & im like ya! neway i like saying random stuff cuz then i sumtimes come up wit really random stuff like hey im a psychic! # 13 2 b exact. c twr stands 4 that was randome i just made it up. well im sort of out of things 2 say. Im speechless!
lol by!